Metro Chica loves fashion, art, travel, food, tech, movies & music – and her blog is the result of her search for a fun and healthy lifestyle while on the road! An Irish gal, but currently based in Frankfurt, Germany in a role which sees her travelling Europe every week. She’s a bit of a geek and spends her days working with tech startups. She adores waking up by the sea and falling asleep to the sound of a train rumbling by in the distance. A great book and an even better bottle of wine is her favourite combination. She loves making lists, her bike, painting her nails and wearing too much jewellery.

She hates her knees.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Metro Chica,
    I see you wrote a piece on my website http://www.aislingmaher.com.
    Thanks a million. I was wondering if I could send you a little token of appreciation for writing the piece on my designs. I am always launching new pieces and think I have one that you might like. Send me an email when you get the chance.
    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards,

    Aisling Maher
    Aisling Maher Designs

  2. Ha, loved reading your ‘Abouts’ page, I totally related to it as I also love making lists (border line obsessive), painting my nails, a great book & an even better bottle of wine with friends…. so Kudos too that 🙂

    Ps. Love your blog!!! xx

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