Metro Chica hearts Apple

If you’ve read my About page, you’ll know I’m a self-confessed gadget geek. Even more, I’m a fully subscribed Apple addict. I have my iPod, my Mac book, my iPhone and since today, my iPad! Beyond excited!!!! Anyhow, I get lots of my friends asking me about the apps I use most on my iPhone so I figured I might do a little post on it here. Feel free to comment and suggest apps to me – and let me know what I simply must have for the iPad!

Handy Tools:

Evernote – great for organising, making lists, photographing bottles of wine I like by location, and recording things

XE currency – I travel a lot, and buy online even more, so a decent currency converter is always handy

QRReader – Lately I find myself using this more and more, especially in competitions!

Word Lens – Take a photo of a sign in a foreign language and find out what it means. Handy for travels and fun!

Sky+ – I never remember to record stuff on TV so use this plenty on the road

Dropbox – Perfect for saving files and accessing them later

Bump – Great if your mate has photos on her iPhone that you want asap, or music or anything really!

AccuWeather – Its seems pretty accurate. And I love that it gives daily rating for hair frizz risk, bicycling, kite flying and arthritis risk among others 🙂

IMDb – For all those drunken conversations where you just have to think of THAT movie name or THAT actress


Instagram – So easy to use and makes beautiful picture effects

Hipstamatic – I don’t use this as much as Instagram anymore, but I still love the old school feel to its photos

Photosynth – For great panoramics


Skype – Who isn’t on Skype at this stage? Great for friends far away…

Viber – Free calls and texts? Yes please!

WhatsApp – Great for little messages in a chat form to friends


Facebook – The iPhone app is pretty decent

Tweetdeck/Twitter – I use both! Probably my most used app

Yammer – For our work network, very handy

LinkedIn – Does what it says on the tin

WordPress – Pretty handy for blogging when I’m on the road

Bloglovin – Great app to see all the blogs you follow in one place


Sky News – Good to know whats going on in the world!

RTE – I like the little news roundup video. The list loads of news stories too

MailOnline – For all the celebrity news/photos you could ever need!

TheJournal – Great source of Irish news with lots of videos, tweets and interactive discussion

Broadsheet – Possibly the best and funniest time waster ever! Love their typo finds, cat videos and on location photos

Random: Cinema Guide – Always right (unlike some I’ve used…)

Angry Birds – Addictive. All seasons.

The Heist – For when my brain needs a test

SHOUTcast – The iPhone’s downfall? No radio. Thanks to SHOUTcast it does!

Dublin Airport – Good app for finding about arrival times and delayed flights


Sartorialist – Beautiful inspiration from the streets – Their fashion week coverage is second to none

Who What Wear – Great short articles to keep you in the loop

Chicfeed – More inspiration from blogs

Zara – I’m addicted to shopping online with Zara!

WWD Blast – Great articles, news and images from the fashion world

StyleCred – The Outnet’s app for creating looks and seeing whats available to buy

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