Glastonbury 2011: famous fashion

Glastonbury was a wet and muddy affair this year for the most part, and personally, I think its more difficult to look ‘festival fit’ in that type of weather. I was at Sea Sessions at the weekend and the weather wasn’t great – I cursed the lack of suitable clothing I had packed! That said, the […]

Coachella 2011: style in the sun

I say it every year but next year, I’m DEFINITELY going to Coachella!!! By far my favourite of the US based festivals, I love everything about the annual sizzling meet up in April. Looking at the photos always gets me in the mood for my own festival season, and I’m already counting down the days […]

LFW A/W ’11: The Front Row

I LOVE LONDON! Sorry, just had to get that out there đŸ˜€ I will get to posting about the beauty that was London Fashion Week tomorrow hopefully, but can I just say now – thank god for London! First up though, my usual post on who sat in the Front Row and caught my eye… […]