Currently coveting: The July edition

Topshop boots: I’m a boot lover – ask any of my friends. So I reckon I’ll buy both of these beauties…


Prada bag: I’m going to be visiting a Prada outlet in early August, and this amazing deerskin tote is on my shopping list!

A holiday: July has been pretty miserable so far. I need beaches, sunshine, surf and time to read all my new books!

This whole outfit from Zara: Especially that printed bomber jacket…

Marc Jacobs iPad case: It would be the best dressed case around!

Zara sweater: This metallic effect sweater is exactly what my transitional wardrobe needs. It has a great zip detail down the back too.

YSL ring: I’ve been in love with the YSL arty oval rings since I first spotted one in London. This white one is timeless!

*What are you currently coveting? Let me know!*



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I have been away from blogging for a week without any explanation to my dear readers! Apologies people, but unfortunately last Sunday my MacBook decided to die… I was distraught! It had been on its last legs for some time but I was hoping to get the Summer out of it at the least. However, perhaps the sudden appearance of my brand spanking new iPad on the scene was the last straw… Whatever the reason, I shed a tear realising I hadn’t backed up my laptop since last October 😦 While all that info is unrecoverable, the lovely team over in Mactivate helped me out no end and gave my laptop a new lease of life this week! It’s now bigger, faster and bang up to date – and I love it more than ever!!! So I’m back people, normal blogging resumes now…

This week I mostly loved… #65

The trailer: The Inbetweeners

The article: Super Tisci shows Gaytten the Dior, via The Irish Independent

The event: Glamour in the blood exhibition by Debbie Castro, Inspirational Arts at The Basement Dublin

The outfit: Olivia Palermo sits in the Front Row in 2 high street dresses

in Topshop

in Zara

Sea Sessions: A Review

Sea Sessions has grown from a relatively tiny festival in Bundoran, to being one of the most popular boutique style festivals in Ireland – without losing any of its original charm. And that’s why I love it! From the site itself (small but cosy, with not too much noise crossover, and sand instead of mud), to the location (looking over the Atlantic ocean, and close to town), to the extras (surf comps, discounts, beach activities and great food stalls), there is little bad I can say about this set up.

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Metro Chica hearts Apple

If you’ve read my About page, you’ll know I’m a self-confessed gadget geek. Even more, I’m a fully subscribed Apple addict. I have my iPod, my Mac book, my iPhone and since today, my iPad! Beyond excited!!!! Anyhow, I get lots of my friends asking me about the apps I use most on my iPhone so I figured I might do a little post on it here. Feel free to comment and suggest apps to me – and let me know what I simply must have for the iPad!

Handy Tools:

Evernote – great for organising, making lists, photographing bottles of wine I like by location, and recording things

XE currency – I travel a lot, and buy online even more, so a decent currency converter is always handy

QRReader – Lately I find myself using this more and more, especially in competitions!

Word Lens – Take a photo of a sign in a foreign language and find out what it means. Handy for travels and fun!

Sky+ – I never remember to record stuff on TV so use this plenty on the road

Dropbox – Perfect for saving files and accessing them later

Bump – Great if your mate has photos on her iPhone that you want asap, or music or anything really!

AccuWeather – Its seems pretty accurate. And I love that it gives daily rating for hair frizz risk, bicycling, kite flying and arthritis risk among others 🙂

IMDb – For all those drunken conversations where you just have to think of THAT movie name or THAT actress

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