Prints for Inspiration

Work has been getting in the way of blogging big time lately! I’ve been on the road so much, in different cities and countries, and with early starts and late nights blogging was the last thing on my mind! The next few weeks are much the same but possibly not as bad, so I hope to get a few posts up here…

I’m off to London for a conference on Monday, and my plan is to channel Olivia in the accompanying picture here. I’m on a serious printed pants buzz at the minute!!!


3 thoughts on “Prints for Inspiration

  1. I love everything about that outfit – even the bag!
    Did you manage to buy trousers like that? If so, where do you find stuff like this in Frankfurt? I am SO sick of shopping here. There is nothing to inspire me at all. It’s all Zara and H&M!

    • While I love Zara, I agree that its all you ever see in FFM! I tend to buy a lot online and get it delivered – Topshop and ASOS are both great for prints right now

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