Tales from my suitcase

I’ve mentioned before that I travel quite a bit for work. This week I was in Berlin – a city I adore, but one I hadn’t been to in ages. The great thing about Berlin is that is constantly changing. There’s always a new club, new resto, cooler bar, hotspot or store popping up somewhere. It’s a city with something for everyone. Maybe I’ve become so accustomed to Paris style, but I was constantly style spotting in Berlin – I love their laid back look, boots, leathers, faux furs, tattoos, messy hair, heavy eye makeup, oversized jumpers and layers of jewellery. Amazing!

I was lucky enough to get a reservation at the ‘new’ hotspot KaterHolzig on Thursday night and I knew I’d have to blog about it. Along with the club rooms, private rooms and cinema there is a cool restaurant called Katerschmaus on the 3rd floor with a huge open kitchen. No photos are allowed there though so the website will have to do for you guys! The building is an old 5 story warehouse on the outskirts of Mitte, which used to be a soap factory. After a stint as a squatters haven, it was recently taken over by the gang behind the legendary Bar25, and has been transformed into the go-to place in Berlin. Outside there are bars along the riverside, stalls, wooden shacks, hidden nooks and crazy decorations. Inside behind heavy curtains you’ll see all the original graffiti on the walls, a wooden ship in the middle of a dance floor, beds, couches, beach huts, huge leather sofas, homemade furniture and incredible views over Berlin. The pic below will give you an idea of the sheer size of it!

I wasn’t sure what to expect in the restaurant, considering the type of club feel in the whole building but I couldn’t have been more impressed. I adored the huge open kitchen, the staff with their tattoos and piercings and über cool vibe (who were incredibly friendly and professional also), the statues & paintings, the lighting and mix of people. The food was just perfect, which topped it all off! The menu is changed every week with 4 different starters and 4 different mains. I went for a king prawn soup as a starter, followed by one of the nicest steaks I’ve ever had. It’s no wonder this is the place for fashion week parties, photo shoots and romantic conversations. If you’re in Berlin, it’s a must!


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