Golden Globes 2012: A Review

One thing my family will say about me is that I hate to be disappointed. I generally hype stuff up no end, and then inevitably the thing can’t live up to my expectations. And that’s how I felt about last nights Golden Globes fashion… I was excited to see some of the beautiful creations I’d been fawning over the last couple of months on the leading ladies, to see some ‘Wow!‘ factor, to spot a dress that I immediately knew would be copied from here to eternity! And instead I got way too many plain dresses, an unreal amount of blush/nude tones, a whole pile of pink, and mermaid tails everywhere!!! If I had to pick my favourite I’d probably go with Claire Danes in J Mendel or Jessica Biel in Elie Saab. The looks I thought looked most decent are in the slideshow below…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Special mention goes to Nicole Richie for amazing hair, and Angelina Jolie for gorgeous makeup!

If you didnt get a chance to see any of the action on TV, this is a great clip of all the fashion ‘highlights‘ on the Red Carpet.

Roll on the Oscars for (hopefully) the showstoppers!!!


3 thoughts on “Golden Globes 2012: A Review

  1. Special mention goes to Sarah Michelle Gellar for wearing a dress that it looked like a small child got hold of a whole lot of blue paint and splashed it on it..

  2. @Kevin I am with you on that one … although even more special mention to the Osborne ladies for somehow making Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dress look less awful …

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