Paris & Versace for H&M – the aftermath

On my way home from work this week I popped into one of the larger H&M stores in Paris to look for a coat I’d spotted on some blogs. While searching earnestly in store, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of Versace for H&M pieces left out more than a week after the much hyped launch. There were literally about 100 bags, boxes and boxes of shoes and tall boots, racks of dresses and leggings, and a huge table covered in belts and jewellery. I was pretty surprised.

Initially I had been interested in getting my hands on a particular necklace and one of the larger bucket bags but when I finally got around to seeing them (lots of them!), I thought they both looked a bit cheap up close. I got chatting to one of the sales assistants and asked her if the stock just hadn’t managed to sell. She told me that after the initial mania, people started returning the stock after changing their minds about some of the collection. The best sellers were the black items of clothing – this is Paris after all… She figured they would all end up being reduced in the next few weeks as all the stores in Paris now had way too much stock on their hands.

So there you go folks, Parisians just didn’t go for the bright, brash prints of Versace for H&M! And the Parisians I know would rather save for a ‘real‘ Versace handbag than something that’s part of a collaboration. Was this the same in other countries? Does Dublin have a pile of stock taking over South King Street as I type???

Images via WeHeartIt


2 thoughts on “Paris & Versace for H&M – the aftermath

    • I know some friends that were in Stockholm at the weekend and said the same thing – you can even get the leather goods and more expensive jackets there still! But yet all over the internet its still referring to the ‘sold-out’ collection…

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