Printemps Christmas Windows

I had heard lots about the Christmas windows of the ‘Grands Magasins‘ in Paris, so after work last week I stopped off on my way home from work to take a peek. While Galeries Lafayette’s lights are amazing, their ‘Noël Rock ‘n Mode‘ windows were largely uninspiring. You can see a little video here. Luckily Printemps is next door and didn’t disappoint! The theme there is ‘Noël Rêves d’Évasion’ and the 11 windows each cover a different magical city – Moscow, LA, Paris, Tokyo etc, paying homage to Karl Lagerfeld (who was there to reveal the windows last week with the stunning Vanessa Paradis). The windows are full of little puppets in amazing outfits, in different guises and cities, and really make you stop and stare intently at each display to see the level of detail gone into each little doll. Check out this video to see more!

All photos ©Carina Okula


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