Hart of Dixie


Since moving to Paris, I’ve been watching loads of shows online as I’m still not a fan of French TV. A recent discovery (and new obsession) is Hart of Dixie starring Rachel Bilson – one of my favourite style crushes!!! Every episode I watch just makes me love her more, not to mention that amazing hair, great legs and ultra cool wardrobe I covet too. I don’t think I’ve disliked any of her outfits so far. I just love her simple dressing up of shorts, trousers, vest tops and sky-high amazing heels! In fact, she dresses very similar to all the women I see on my walk to work here every morn…


5 thoughts on “Hart of Dixie

  1. No need to tell you how hooked I am, our marathon skype sessions have the low down! I am just so in love with this girl, and how could you not be. Rooting for her to succeed down south!

    Ps. SO glad you are back blogging! We missed you!

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