Gossip Girl Season 5 fashion

I’m already excited for the return of Gossip Girl in late September! Of course, it left us with one of the biggest cliffhangers of the series so far with the ‘who could be pregnant’ moment. I don’t have the answer for that but I have found out a little about what to expect in season 5. Stop reading now if you don’t want to know!!!

  • Well to begin with Eric Van Der Woodsen has left Gossip Girl for good. Vanessa’s role is being phased out, and we probably wont be seeing much of Jenny Humphries either.
  • Serena’s ‘cousin’ Charlie is back so this could be an interesting storyline.
  • New characters include Prince Louis’ sister who is none to happy about the upcoming nuptials, a priest from Monaco, and Liz Hurley as a wealthy media mogul (who has a thing for Nate).
  • There’s also a chef called Max who seems to have some Serena interactions.
  • With the pregnancy storyline, all I know is that it’s not Dorota who is with child!
  • The CW have commissioned 2 more episodes per season meaning there will be 24 episodes from now on…

In comparison to other years, on set pics for season 5 have been few and far between. I’ve included the ones I found but have very little details about the actual outfits so I’ll update the post when I find out more… My first impressions are that Blair is really coming into her own in the fashion stakes, and Serena is still working that glam boho look she pulls off so exceptionally! See more pictures after the break below.

And the dress teasers….


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