Here comes the summer…

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Sunshine. Tans. BBQ’s & picnics. New inspiration. New projects. Festivals. Catching-up with friends & family. Surfing, cycling, swimming & walking. Beaches, cities, campsites, the countryside. Exhibitions, galleries, culture, music. Ice-cream. Bikinis & shorts, flip-flops & sunglasses. Lazy lunch breaks on the canal. Bulmers Light Pint bottles with lots of ice. Girls holiday. Spontaneous road trips. Books, books & more books. Movies outdoors. Buying a bag in the Brown Thomas sale. Skyping. Birthdays, goodbye drinks, Hen parties, celebrations. Galway Races. Travel. My quiet balcony. Dinner alfresco. Wrapping up. Sand everywhere. Hayfields. Boats. House on the lake. Going out with no jacket. Warm breeze. The smell of summer. Change.

This is what Summer 2011 is going to look like for me…


2 thoughts on “Here comes the summer…

  1. Doing a suitably miserable post about Summer in London at the mo! Yours sounds like it’s going to be epic though 🙂 As long as one of those random roadtrips leads to London that is!

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