Happy Easter!

I hope all my readers are enjoying the nice weather over this Easter weekend, and eating lots of chocolate! My new bike was delivered just in time for my time off (thanks to the guys at FitzCycles) and I’ve spent most of the weekend cycling it around the city. I’ve completely fallen in love with it and have a feeling there will be some ‘bike & style‘ related posts coming up on the blog… Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!!!

Taking a rest in the Phoenix Park


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter to you too 🙂
    you are soo lucky. here in northern California is kind of cold. my mom says thats its warm but its so not, at least for me. i like sunshine and blue skies and light clothes and getting a tan. today i was wearing a little dress and i couldnt put my teeth together bcuz i was shaking so hard. i want summer so bad.
    and im thinking of getting a bike too. i need to lose weight before summer and i cant do it. i get so bored when i exercise at home. maybe it will be easier if i ride a bike, see some places and get an exercise 🙂

    • Lol, I would definitely prefer to live in northern Cali than here! This is probably the best weather we will get for the rest of the year – at least you have sunshine most of the time! I’m like you in that I hate the gym and exercise at home – but the bike has been great for getting me out and about and I always feel great after a cycle now 🙂

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