Parisian Chic, the Inés de la Fressange way

Inés de la Fressange, muse and supermodel, released her style guide ‘Parisian Chic‘ in France last year – which went on to be a bestseller there. My french is pretty good but I still waited to buy a copy until it was released in english! The book is adorable, with illustrations done by Inés herself, and littered with photographs of her beautiful daughter Nine. The advice is typically french with lots of ‘rule’ breaking, mixing of high street basics and designer gear, and accessorising ideas. There are also lots of tips on how to bring some french elegance to your home or space. This book is definitely worth a look for the pictures and illustrations alone – get it here now!

‘Parisian style is an attitude, a state of mind. Between rocker and ho-hum bourgeois, a Parisian is always first, never second. A Parisian steps lightly around the fashion traps of the day. Her secret? She breathes the air du temps and puts it to good use, her way, and always with the same aim: fashion should be fun. The Parisian follows a few golden rules, but she likes to transgress, too. It’s part of the style. C’est facile!’


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