A|wear’s new collection: Club Tropicana

At this stage, I think every Irish fashion blogger has posted images and write-up’s on A|wear’s new summer collection – the bright and beautiful Club Tropicana, so I’m not going to bore you with a repeat! I love block colouring, jewel tones, maxi’s and summer dressing so no doubt about it, I know I will love plenty of A|wear’s offerings in this collection! When I got the weekly A\wear email into my inbox this week, I was blown away by pretty much every item in the picture below – especially that Multi Jewel Clutch 🙂

Taken from A|wear email subscription

 I love these emails as they always showcase new pieces and standout items you might miss if you are just browsing. For example, after the email I ran into my nearest A|wear to pick up the Jessica Slinky dress that appeared in it, (and I know already that it is going to be my go-to dress for work-to-bar evenings). I picked up these cute Animal Print Sunglasses while I was at it – at €8, they were a steal…

Jessica Slinky Dress

Animal Print Sunglasses


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