Time to celebrate!

Did you know that my blog just celebrated its first birthday? For something that started out as a project to occupy my mind outside of work, I can definitely say that I love my blog now for many reasons. And of course, a big thank you to all my readers who come back time after time – I love you guys!

As well as it being a special occasion for the blog, it’s also a special occasion for me. I’ve decided to invest in a new bag that I can love and cherish and snuggle when I’m lonely in Winter (bags are forever!). I’ve saved for ages, thought about it forever and even made a checklist so that I wouldn’t be seduced by bright colours or shiny finishes. The important things were:

  • must be goes-with-everything black
  • big enough for work
  • versatile so it can take me from office to bar
  • not too ‘Look at me, I’m an ‘it’ bag!
  • won’t date easily

With that in mind, I have narrowed my choices to 2 perfect specimens, The Gucci 1973 Top Handle bag or the Céline Boston tote bag…. Decisions decisions…. Help me decide!!!

Gucci 1973

Céline Boston tote


6 thoughts on “Time to celebrate!

  1. You have to go Gucci and you will have it forever as a trendy old lady!!! 🙂
    can i be there when you purchase?

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