Inspiring Bloggers: The Blonde Salad & afterDRK

I get most of my inspiration online, mainly on street style sites or fashion blogs. I follow about 50 odd blogs daily, and a handful get my attention at other times. I have been following The Blonde Salad’s Chiara since she started her blog just over a year ago, and I truly find her inspiring. I love her bag collection (especially that Celine tote), the shoes she has designed herself with her trademark heel, her collection of amazing rings, and her wonderful life in general! Below are a couple of looks she has sported recently to various fashion weeks, that I can see myself using as material…




New York


(images via

If there is a blogger I relate to most in terms of similar style, its Sabrina of afterDRK. I love that she is a minimalist when it comes to her outfits – lots of jeans, jumpers, shirts and tees, but loves a great piece of jewellery or accessory. She’s also incredibly fresh-faced and pretty with the kind of hair that gives me serious envy!

(images via


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