A bit of a rant…

My brother is getting married in April this year, and needless to say, it’s a bit of a huge event in my family. He’s the first of us to give the family a Big Day Out and so everyone is in a bit of a tizzy getting everything ready and perfect. I’m normally one of those ridiculously organised people but for whatever reasons, until this weekend I still hadn’t even thought about what I’d wear to the wedding! So armed with my very honest sister, and a pair of towering heels, I went about Dublin this weekend like a demon possessed. Unfortunately I came away disillusioned, annoyed, worried and completely stressed…

Whistles teal dress with nice waist detailing

OK, so I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, but I had an idea what I didn’t want. Nothing over-the-top, or neon or easily creased. Nothing that would date easily or clash with anyone else in the family photos. Nothing very short or maxi. Nothing with a lot of colours or prints. So I guess I just wanted something elegant, to the knee, in one or two colours, of a high quality material, that would photograph well. And personally, I didn’t think this was a lot to ask!

Plain black dress in HoF with ruffle detailing

I decided to hit the various big department stores first, so Debenhams, Arnotts, Brown Thomas and House of Fraser. Arnotts definitely had the biggest selection and I spotted a few dresses that would be perfect the night after the wedding. Debenhams had nothing at all. House of Fraser was pretty good and had a few possibilities. Brown Thomas was disappointing. Next up some boutiques! Chica, Alila, Fran & Jane and a handful in Powerscourt Centre all were poor. Unless I wanted maxi, neon and satin, they were pretty much a no-go.

So where to next people?! I need advice and I need it fast. I’m willing to travel anywhere within 2 hours of Dublin so I know there have to be some options for me. Maybe I’m missing some great boutiques in Ranelagh, Malahide or Clontarf? I beg of you all, help dress me for this wedding!!!!! *Please excuse the state of me in the photos – I’m a little sick at the moment!*


5 thoughts on “A bit of a rant…

  1. There is a shop in Gorey called Ruby Rouge, like them on FB and see what you think. Can be pricey but always seems to have a good range ..
    Other than that I have personally been lucky in Zara for weddings a few times … BestaLuck!

    • Thanks for the heads up – will check them out now! Saw a couple of gorgeous dresses in Zara that I plan on getting for the night before & night after the wedding – they have some great stuff in at the moment…

  2. Just stumbled across your blog, it’s great! Hope you’re keeping well and I’m sure you’ll find a dress. Not that I would advise it but I didn’t get a dress until 6 weeks before my own wedding! What about something vintage, have you tried Dirty Fabulous?

    • 6 week before your wedding?! Madness!!! No doubt you still looked beautiful though 🙂

      Dirty Fabulous is on my list of places to visit actually – Im thinking something vintage could be the key at this stage!!!

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