Guest Post: ‘I wish I had never…’

Hi, I’m Emma! The proud owner of the little blog that could, Elle of the Ball x

Ah fashion errors. Haven’t we all had a couple? A recent clear out of my wardrobe has made me realise that I definitely shop best when of sound mind and body.
Evidently, this is a rare occurrence.

I wish I had never…. decided being one of the boys was a stylish and attractive look.

I wish I had never…. shopped around that ‘time of the month.’ Everything is unflattering, and usually in a psychedelic print, or neon.

I wish I had never…. allowed my meagre student budget to influence my choices. I was madly in love with a bright orange winter coat but another plain black one would go with so much more. Always choose clothes you love, in spite of practicality. That orange coat is one of the most over worn pieces in my closet.

I wish I had never…. gone down the Nicola Roberts road of ill-advised fake tanning. I have extremely pale skin, transparent almost. So I decided, as all my friends were doing it, tan was the way forward. Unfortunately given my complexion, it always ended up orange. Guaranteed.

I wish I had never…. gone one step further than fake tan and bought into the whole business of designer knock offs. Like my stunning GAP jumper, although that may have been real.. Or the beautiful Frada bag I toted round. Or the Louis Vuitton wallet I bought for a tenner in Spain. Years later, I’ve been introduced to Vogue, I’ve grown to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the product hanging of the very expensive price tag, and I’ve put a stop to my fakery! Even if it’s really good, I’d know it was fake. What is the point of it really? Part of the appeal is the exclusivity and who really wants a Rolex if it’s gonna stop working when it rains?

No doubt, I will look back at my unkempt hair, sheer maxi skirts and white blazers and cringe.

That is the essence of fashion however, it’s what clothes are there for; expression, appreciation and ultimately, mocking.


One thought on “Guest Post: ‘I wish I had never…’

  1. Great post! I look back now and cringe at my Grunge phase. I was this tiny size 6-8 and I chose to cover my body up in baggy jeans, huge tees and flannel shirts and docs. How different it would be if I could back in time now!

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