Guest Post: ‘I wish I had never…’

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…. succumbed to the trends of the 90’s!!!!
Looking back now, being a child of the 90’s, we suffered terribly in the fashion stakes.
Do you remember the mindless craze of the baggiest of baggy jeans that were X-Worx/ Eclipse or Xtrovert jeans??? I mean what were we thinking…  A trend derived from bands such as  ‘East 17’, whom I ashamedly admit were my favourite band at the time (please don’t hate me) so obviously baggy eclipse jeans and a Kangol hat worn backwards were naturally the staple pieces of my wardrobe!
I think I happily repressed those memories for all these years, that is until now.
When the lovely Niamh asked me to guest blog on Metro Chica whilst she was away and that the topic du jour would be  ‘I wish I had never….‘, I was then forced to relive the memories for the readers of Metro Chica’s reading pleasure 😉
So if you were lucky enough to escape godawful fashion trends of the 90’s, I would love to share with you now some of my favourite fashion trend setters from the 90’s to help you understand just how bad we had it…. and if you would prefer not to go back down that terribly unfashionable memory lane, I would highly advise for you to look away now…

The legendary East 17


Vanilla Ice

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Empire Records

Spice Girls

Saved by the Bell
One thing’s for sure though – no matter what recurring trends that may pop up now or in the coming months and years, some fashion failures need to stay dead and buried. Though we like to pretend fashion disasters didn’t happen, for every great grunge look in the 90s there was always another guy making his way down the road in a ‘Taz’ t-shirt, wearing Eclipse/X-Worx jeans, topped with a ‘NAFF’ jacket. And he’d be roller-blading towards us – oh God.

TOP 10: You know you grew up n the 90’s when….

10. You liked Oasis or Blur. But not both, because that ‘wasn’t allowed’.
9. You had a Megadrive or SNES. But not both, because that ‘wasn’t allowed’ either.
8. You had a crush on the youngest girl in Hanson…
7. MTV played music.
6. Bryan Adams was number one for about four years.
5. If you’re a bloke, you secretly liked Take That. If you’re a girl, you loved them. Either way, you cried when they broke up.
4. A Snickers was a Marathon, Starbursts were Opal Fruits and you never did get your hands on them Lucky Charms.
3. Beverly Hills 90210 was reality TV. You watched California Dreaming, Pugwall and you know the theme tune to ‘Saved by the Bell’. You’re singing it now.
2. Mr. Motivator helped your mother loose five pounds.
In at Number 1 is…..
And you are of the opinion she couldn’t have been lying, because swearing on a loved ones life without crossing any part of your body was a guarantee you were telling the truth.


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