Guest Post: ‘I wish I had never…’

Eyes Bigger Than My Belly is a new blog on the block wirtten by self-confessed shopaholic Siobhan! Her latest purchases, mixed with personal outfit posts and lots of pretty pics make for a great read.

I wished I had never….. Dressed like a rapper! Do you guys remember the song ‘Like a Boy’ by Ciara??! I swear, that could be me in the music video! Well…. not quite, there are some very substantial differences between me and the superstar Ciara so let me clear this up for you.

Back in my teenage days, I loved baggy! Baggy jeans, funky tops and, weather depending, baggy hoodies and the likes. Such a boy! I had cool Addidas runners to go with it all if I remember correctly. But that’s not even the problem. Oh no. In fact, my regret lies with the fact that I used to wear Calvin Klein boxers under my baggy pants! Oh the shame – in way too many photos you can see the Calvin Klein brand coming out over the tops of my pants. Boys jocks – I kid you not! And they were full on – lots of material – practically shorts – jocks. I thought I was the bomb! (At the time I may have been listening to lots of rap music too!) I know what you’re thinking…. Where did the Mayo girl get the idea to start dressing like a rapper?! And I blame MTV. Yes, my rapper phase was well and truly awful. I wonder now what the people of my little hometown thought of my boyish phase.

It’s even funnier now considering I am such a girly girl! Dresses, accessories, ribbons, brights, florals, sandals – that’s me! I can safely say, the only boyish thing in my wardrobe nowadays is my boyfriend blazer and my men’s Guess watch. I certainly no longer own boxers – not even the girly kind! I wish I had some photos to share with you guys, but just ask my sister here, Metro Chica and she’ll tell you all about it!


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