Irish Blog Awards

I was catching up on some bloglovin’ over here in Beijing today and noticed a lot of chat about the Irish Blog Awards. Nominations are open now and there are lots of categories for everyone to mull over before they pick their favourites. Find all the info and nomination spaces here. It goes without saying (though I am saying it….!) that it would be great to be nominated – so if you like my blog and want to make me smile, then I certainly won’t stop you! I’m thinking I fit into the categories of ‘lifestyle‘, ‘newcomer‘ or maybe even ‘specialist‘?! If you decide to nominate me, remember to link to my contact page as indicated by the rules… And a big thanks again to everyone who reads my little blog 😀


2 thoughts on “Irish Blog Awards

  1. You have been nominated by RoCkInFaShIoN for the ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’ category…. Good Luck hun x
    You never know all going well we might both be nominated & sitting at the same table together @ the awards (positive thinking & all that ;)).
    All fingers n toes crossed 😀

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