Moving on…

I hope everyone had a great Christmas? Mine was very relaxing and fun – though I missed my little brother lots! Santa was very good and left me loads of lovely treats including books, jewellery, clothes, boots and cosmetics. The snow was a bit of a nightmare but melted away quickly, and we weren’t too badly hit with water and power cuts in comparison to some. There are some pics of my Christmas below… So now I have the start of 2011 to look forward to, and will celebrate tomorrow at a friend’s wedding 😀

Every year in the time between Christmas Day and New Years Day I go though a series of rituals as a way of saying bye to one year, and to welcome another. I should probably do most of these more than once a year, and maybe it isn’t the best time of year to do some but its my thing, and I love when I’m done. So what do I do?

  • I go through my wardrobe and do a massive clean-out
  • I look at my clothes, shoes and jewellery and pick out the bits that need to be fixed, stitched, re-heeled, dry cleaned or re-worked and get them to the people who can fix these things!
  • I throw out lots of makeup that’s probably way past its use by date….
  • I get a hair cut! Tomorrow in fact….
  • I go for a seaweed bath (I adore seaweed baths – Kilcullen’s in Enniscrone, totally amazing)
  • I think about the places I’d like to visit in the coming year – first up, Beijing & Shanghai
  • I make some resolutions – though I have been told some are more like aspirations

So tell me, do you have any way of saying goodbye to one year and welcoming the next??



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