Topshop boots – help!

I’m one of those awful people who always chooses her Christmas presents, and I have a dilemma this year! I’m completely torn between the Topshop boots below – 2 are the same but in different colours, and the other pair are divine too! All comments, suggestions, help appreciated….


8 thoughts on “Topshop boots – help!

  1. Ooouh! Number 2 and 3 are fab! Not a major fan of the colour of the first ones… think 2 and 3 look more expensive and like they’d go with more. Gah I want them now! Think if I had to pick one pair I’d have to go for numero 3!

  2. And im the lucky girl who gets to buy them for you! 🙂 Im thinking black, btw, And I have final say haha! Love You Sista! xxx

  3. I like the style of boots one and two, but prefer the black because I am not a fan of tan. The third pair are nice, but the other style is by far the funkiest.

  4. For me it’s gotta be the last pair they are fabulous and will be amazing on!
    lucky you having such an amazing little sis to buy them for you xx

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