If you wear one thing this week… #25

…make it flat boots! Regular readers will know of my obsession with heels – I’m usually in the ‘the higher the better‘ camp and regularly choose style over comfort. But in this snowy/icy weather one has to be sensible in some ways at least, and decent footwear is a must! So what kind of footwear can look stylish, yet give you some grip in the freezing cold weather? It has to be a flat boot – be it biker, over the knee or riding style – they will go with everything in your wardrobe! And in case you’re wondering – no, I don’t think UGG’s are acceptable footwear in wet weather!

I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of tan riding boots for the last 3 months and I’m yet to find the pair of my dreams. I want a pair that won’t date and are of good quality leather. How hard can it be?! The shops are full of flat boots at the moment with the biker style coming to the fore. New Look do a great selection of flat boots in all lengths and colours. Wear with skinny jeans, mid length skirts, tea dresses and thick tights, and leggings.

How I will wear my flat boots this week: I’m braving the snow and ice tonight to go see Ellie Goulding in Tripod! I have to make my way to the bus stop to get there though so need to dress for style and comfort… I plan to wear my new flat to-the-knee boots I picked up in Dunnes at the weekend (a steal at €30, in a steel grey shade, with some buckles and thick square heel) with my tuxedo-style jeggings from New Look, long green tee from Forever 21 and men’s cardigan from Penney’s. Needless to say I will hat a coat, hat, scarf and gloves on too!

If you are in the buying mood: I absolutely love these black fur lined ankle boots from River Island – they look so warm! At only €75 euro, I think I might be asking Santa to put them under the tree for me….


5 thoughts on “If you wear one thing this week… #25

  1. I’ve been super unfashionable and been wearing my hiking boots since the snow started falling in Sheffield! We have about 30 + cm of snow (measured in our garden) so those are the only shoes that will keep my feel nice and warm and dry! Everytime I see someone wearing Uggs on the snow my heart just goes out for them and I want to tell them ‘get boots’ 😛 oh dear, need to control my motherly instinct!

  2. And the hunt for tan knee high continues….Though I’m gonna take your advice and just head to River Island for some new footwear!

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