Roxy Heart & Henry Holland

When I heard Henry Holland was next up to collaborate with Roxy on the Heart collection, I didn’t take much notice to be honest. While I like Hollands designs, I’m not mad about them – and I figured they might stand out on the slopes a little too much (even among all the crazy hats and neon pants!). However, after browsing the collection this evening, I have to admit I was wrong!

According to the people at Roxy, “The 15-piece collection comprises directional sportswear, fashion pieces and accessories and is designed to take you seamlessly from the slopes to the chalet. Colours are vibrant with heart and stud detailing and quilted leather highlights. Key pieces include a stud zippered snowboard jacket, a leather quilted pencil skirt and a mohair cardigan with heart detailing“.

I’m a huge snowboarding fan and think that the black jacket above is perfect for a little jaunt down some mountains. Unfortunately for me I won’t be needing it this year as I have been banned from my board by my doctor after my knee operation earlier this year… Booooo….. 😦

Check out this video of the opening of the collection in London, and a couple of Q’s with the man himself


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