Who’s got the X Factor???

Everyone has an opinion on X Factor this year. I’m usually a huge fan of the show but this year it all just seems a bit too contrived or something… That said, I’m still watching pretty much every weekend! Another thing annoying me with this cycle of X Factor is the style. I’m just not feeling it. Cheryl used to rock out onto that stage every week in some amazing dress/heels combo by a new up-and-coming designer and people would run out and buy imitations on Monday. This year, its like shes lost that ‘mojo‘ she talks about in her L’Oreal advert! Am I being too harsh?? I’ve picked out some of my favourite looks from this year so far from both Cheryl and Dannii and posted below…

Dannii in J’Aton Couture

Dannii in Project D

Cheryl in Zuhair Murad

Dannii in Victoria Beckham

Dannii in Antonio Berardi

Dannii in Dolce & Gabbana

Cheryl in Emilio Pucci

Cheryl in Bodyamr

Dannii in Dolce & Gabbana

Dannii in Carla Zampatti

Cheryl in Editions by Georges Chakra (not the hair though!!!)

Cheryl in Bodyamr



4 thoughts on “Who’s got the X Factor???

  1. It’s been so crap this year! Cheryl pulled it off during the audtions, but once she came back after the malaria scare, she flopped!! Apparently she got a new team of stylists because she’s trying to break America so she wanted to create a KILLER image during this year’s X Factor, but they’ve destroyed her. And that reddish-purple hair? Don’t GET me started!

    Dannii’s just as bad. Last year she looked classically lovely every week, with inventive hairstyles! This year she actually used a hair piece that stuck out of the back of her head and didn’t match her hair colour and her outfits have been SO unflattering, such as that tight number she wore on Sunday that had her stomach roll hanging out! I don’t have a problem with the stomach roll (she’s just had a baby!), but you don’t wear a dress like that if you have one!!!

    • Oh that hairpiece was atrocious alright! I like when Dannii wears prom/50’s style looks as I think they suit her post-baby body…

      Cheryl’s hair colour is not at all nice on her and I much preferred it when she had gotten rid of the extensions earlier this year. The outfit she wore to the unveiling of her waxwork this year was the kind of thing I had hoped to see her in on X Factor but no such luck…

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