More Forever 21 blogging!

Please don’t give out to me for my overload of Forever 21 posts recently! I just wanted to do a short post on what I thought of the store so far… As I mentioned, I was at the launch last Friday in Dublin along with what seemed like half the city! There are pics all over the net – here, and here, oh and here…. Unfortunately the store wasnt exactly ready on Friday so us guests were ushered upstairs to one area and were only able to look past the velvet ropes to see the stock on display. There was one tiny section we could browse though and I took a couple of pics on my iPhone of a couple of things that caught my eye…

So first impressions? The store is huge! Flat comfy shoes will be a necessity for prolonged browsing! The prices seem to be pretty much in line with the US – for example, if it says $15 on the tag, then its €17. There are 3 floors and its well stocked on all. The store will carry all the different collections in the F21 family and they seem to be identifiable by their cute tags or hangers. Sizes seems to be of the XS, S, M, L variety and small does seem small. Finally, it was like a sauna in there on Friday but that could have been just me…

So, as the store wasn’t ready on Friday, we weren’t allowed shop sadly. But I had my eyes on a couple of pieces and sent my sister back in today to grab them. Alas, no such luck!!!! After she had a quick chat with one of the sales assistants she learned that once the stock is gone, its gone. And everything we had spied on Friday night was now NOWHERE to be seen!!! 3 days later!!! So I think the message here is ‘find out when the stock comes in and get there ASAP‘… In other observations today, Siobhan said it was still mental busy (at 3 on a Monday) and she had to queue for the changing rooms and tills. There were plenty of changing rooms on each floor with lots of space but not enough hooks, and there seemed to be lots of tills too but not a lot of staff on them. Also she thought the shoe section was pretty small in comparison to the size of the store. She also searched high and low for the top below worn by Laura Whitmore on the night but it had vanished too….

So that’s it! I hope to get a visit back there soon but I’m off to London on Thursday so it won’t be until next week at least. Did any of you guys go? What did you think???


5 thoughts on “More Forever 21 blogging!

  1. Went in today and it was still really busy, only ended up buying a bracelet and a black jersey dress…nothing to write home about! Like in there US stores they duplicate the same item about ten times around the store so it looks like there’s more stuff than there actually is, because really it’s the same things over and over. It is a HUGE store so I can see why it would be hard to fill it and I suppose it’s handy because if you miss something in one place you’ll catch it again somewhere else! Quite happy with the prices I thought they’d take advantage of us as everyone else does. I was disappointed with the size of the accessories section, I thought there might be another on one of the other floors….in America they have some stores that are solely for accessories! There’s never many shoes though so I wasn’t surprised by that, there was hardly anything left there today and it was such a mess! I’d say it’ll take a while for it to all calm down and settle in and by January it should be pretty decent! So happy it’s here but defo a few teething problems!

    • Lets hope you’re right about it settling down come January! The accessories section let me down too – though there were some great necklaces still left yesterday. I heard a couple of people saying on Twitter that they had bought stuff and gone home only to find the security tags still on the items!

      • I heard that too…major fail! Have you seen that the UK website is live now and delivery is only €6? Much easier way to shop…will be logging on later!

  2. The guy’s stuff unfortunately wasn’t as good as the women’s but in saying that there is some good stuff for very reasonable prices. The website had some really nice outfits on it too. I will definitely be back.

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