If you wear one thing this week… #24

…make it Forever 21!!!! A change from the normal format this week but well warranted! Yes, in honour of Forever 21, the American fashion label loved by celebs, bloggers and every girl on the street, this weeks post is a pick of my favourite pieces on the site. The very exciting thing is that you won’t have to buy them online and pay for the overseas delivery – as Forever 21 opens in the Jervis Shopping centre on Saturday morning!!!! 😀

Whenever I’m in the US you’ll find me in Forever 21 (the new one on Times Square is HUGE!!!) so to say I was excited to be invited to the Forever 21 launch tomorrow eve in Dublin would be an understatement! In particular, I’m a huge fan the brands footwear and tops and hope to get my paws on some boots tomorrow instore. While I love their cosy knits and skinny jeans, I can’t see myself in many of the dresses as I think they are more suitable for a younger clientele than I…

How I will wear my Forever 21 purchases this week: Having a very quiet weekend for a change, so I’m looking forward to a walk up Killiney hill on Sunday. I’m going to wear the tan flat boots pictured below with my skinny black jeans, nude chiffon oversized blouse and chunky fairisle knit cardigan. Its cold out there people!


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