If you wear one thing this week… #22

…make it a great costume for Halloween! OK so I’m cheating a bit this week with this piece but who cares, lots of people will be dressing up this coming weekend so you might just get some last-minute inspiration here… There are two schools of thought when it comes to Halloween from what I can see – those who like to dress up all ‘sexy/slutty‘ in barely there outfits, or those who view Halloween as a bit of a creative competition and think the more hideous the better. This is definitely the school I’m in and I don’t think I’m alone – see what the creative StyleGirl had to say on the matter here. But each to their own – so you’ll find a mix of all types of costumes in this post 🙂

All the talk in the office has been of outfits this week – and I have heard some great ideas. There seems to be a lot of people going to parties in topical things such as Chilean Miners, Katy Perry, and Tiger Woods. Movies are always a big influence and I imagine I’ll be seeing a couple of guys with babys in sunglasses strapped to their chest (á la The Hangover) or Napoleon Dynamite. My sis is thinking of going as a cupcake and two friends are channeling their inner Jedwards. Wear your outfit with pride no matter what you look like!

How I will wear my costume this week: I’m off to a fancy dress birthday on Saturday so it’s the perfect opportunity to go wild. I was torn between a couple of outfits – Leela from Futurama, Where’s Wally or Dora The Explorer. In the end I have decided on  going as Shaun White, the snowboarding Olympian, complete with massive headphones, a shovel/pick and exceptionally baggy pants. Now to make my snowboard….

If you are in the buying mood: Lots of people buy from The Costume Shop site. I thought this was pretty cool 🙂


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