If you wear one thing this week… #21

…make it ankle boots! Following on from my mention of how cold it was last week, the weather seems to have dropped another season today and its now officially Winter in my books! Winter usually spells the end of a piece of footwear in my wardrobe – open-toed shoes/boots. But that means it’s the return of my favourite footwear, the trusty ankle boot!!! I’m using Rachel Bilson as my main pic for this item of clothing as she seems to have about a million pairs – and I want every single one of them…

If ever I get about to showing you guys my shoe closet you’ll see a recurring theme, in that I adore boots. And mainly I love shoe/ankle/short boots. I have them in every colour and texture and already have my eye on the pair at the end of this post. So what is it about these boots that draws me in every time? Well I think they flatter my legs (which is no mean feat let me tell you!) by making them appear longer (especially if I wear my black ones with black heavy tights). I also find them incredibly comfortable. They are very handy for me in that I can wear them to work meetings without looking too casual, and on a night out they toughen up my little girly dresses.

How I will wear my ankle boots this week: I have a pair of black suede Steve Madden ankle boots from last year that are my saviours. I plan on wearing them this bank holiday weekend with black tights and a wine lace dress. I’ll keep the accessories minimum bar a fawn coloured oversized clutch and knuckleduster ring!

If you are in the buying mood: Like every other blogger out there I have fallen madly in love with the Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s!!! They come in a ton of shades but I’m veering towards the taupe ones… Apparently, they are the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear! I’m about to find out…


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