If you wear one thing this week… #19

…make it a classic white shirt! Maybe it’s because I’m just back from my hols and have a lovely tan, but I’m all about the colour white this week 🙂 And what better way to wear white than on a classic shirt teamed with whatever you like. Personally I’m a fan of chiffon and silk but I also have two white ‘boyfriend’ shirts that I tend to wear to work on a more casual day that always get lots of compliments. Sometimes the classics are the best…

We all know a plain white shirt is both simple and elegant. But we tend to forget that it can also be very sexy. There’s something about a woman in a crisp delicate white shirt, hair scrapped back and minimum makeup that says ‘I know I look good’ and what could be more alluring! The added bonus is of course, that a white shirt suits everyone, of every colour and build. It’s a staple in every girls wardrobe.

How I will wear my white shirt this week: I have a work lunch later this week with my team so I don’t need to look too business-like. I’m going to wear my white tuxedo style shirt with a pair of tapered black pants and double strap heels.

If you are in the buying mood: I adore this ASOS boyfriend shirt! And the fact that its only €30 makes me feel like there’s a shirt shaped hole in my wardrobe right now…. 🙂 Get it here. Loving those oversized pockets…


4 thoughts on “If you wear one thing this week… #19

  1. Loved this…we all know a white shirt is forever chic, but seeing all the different interpretations of this look never gets old. Great post! 🙂


  2. I love a good white shirt, especially if it’s buttoned right up to the collar – utilitarian but sexy I think. I love that pic of Audrey Hepburn btw – now that’s a woman who knows how to rock a crisp white shirt!

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