If you wear one thing this week… #18

…make it velvet! I think it’s finally that kind of weather where I can start talking about heavy fabrics, luxe materials and oh-so-snug clothing right??! Well I’m gonna, because this week I’ve been lusting after the most rich of fabrics, velvet. And I’m not being particular here – oh no – I’ll take it on dresses, skirts, tops or shoes. Not to mention a dinky velvet hairband or a new blazer! Embrace the velvet people! Its gonna be everywhere…

The velvet thing hit me when I was out at the weekend and saw a girl wearing the most effortlessly cool outfit ever – I wish I had taken a photo. She had a maxi skirt on in a jersey fabric, in a blush pink shade. Tucked into that she had a velvet slash necked top in a deep navy/blue. And it somehow worked! I don’t know if it was the colours, or the fabrics clashing but she looked amazing. Velvet is one of those materials I always associated with my grandmothers closet or bad charity shops but I’m starting to re-think this as I’m now on a mission to find a flattering velvet blazer or dress!

How I will wear my velvet this week: While I keep an eye out for a velvet statement piece, my wardrobe currently only holds one velvet item – the prettiest navy velvet pumps from Penney’s. I picked them up about 2 weeks ago and have paired them with a million things since. This week I will wear them with my cropped Zara chalk grey pants and a loose navy chiffon blouse from New Look for work – comfy but smart!

If you are in the buying mood: Well first of all I would run into Penney’s and pick up the flats I mentioned – they come in a couple of autumnal colours. Then you could check out this black velvet paisley print blazer from River Island with buttoned up cuffs and cute slouchy pockets.


8 thoughts on “If you wear one thing this week… #18

  1. morto for her! I cant see myself slipping back into a velvet dress again this year (although think I have a lovely shapeless v necked ankle lenght one at home along with scoop neck one the relatives in america brough home when I was about 16). The shoes are cute though but would get wrecked so fast!

  2. Oh god that’s not attractive!

    Love that third photo very pretty. I bought red velvet trousers. Have to pluck up the courage to brave them yet!

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