If you wear one thing this week… #15

…make it a pretty cardigan! Brrrr…. Have you noticed the drop in temperature the last couple of days? I certainly have, and have been reaching for my cardigan shelf more frequently in the mornings! Cardigans are one of those items I rely on 75% of the year as the air-con in our office can be equivalent to standing on a glacier in your smalls (very BNTM!) for long periods of time. I have about 5 hanging up in work in varying colours, textures and weights! Most are pretty plain but my promise for A/W 2010 is to liven up my cardigan collection and the following images will be my inspiration…

Katy Perry in a pink fluffy number

Emily Blunt

Ashley Tisdale in an oversize cardie with bell sleeves

If I was to pick a style of cardigan I love the most it would have to be over-sized and cosy. I love one I can wrap around me with a big belt holding it in place. I love if the sleeves are extra long so I can pull them over my hands like a rebellious teen in school. But this type of cardie is usually reserved for the weekends or when I’m lazing about. In work I stick to little structured knits with maybe a stripe pattern or small embellishment. If it’s for going out I liven things up with lots of sequins/buttons/colour and use cropped or fitted ones.

Rachel Bilson

Blair Waldorf

Cheryl Cole

How I will wear my cardigan this week: I’m attending an awards ceremony later this week so plan on wearing a plain navy vest with a navy ‘sailor-inspired’ skirt, and covering up with an off white sequined cardigan – practical and pretty!

Claudia Schiffer

Clemence Poesy

If you are in the buying mood: I like this peach coloured pearl trim cardigan on the Forever 21 site. It also comes in a versatile taupe shade. Might be one to keep in mind for when Forever 21 opens in Dublin later this Autumn!


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