If you wear one thing this week… #14

…make it polka dots! Confession time ladies, I LOVE polka dots. I have always loved them! I have many items in my wardrobe with those cute little dots on them, from jewellery to underwear to blouses – I just can’t get enough! My thinking is, polka dots aren’t just for Minnie Mouse, they’re for everyone 😀 The world may have embraced Breton stripes this year, but I’m hanging on to my ditsy dots…

Eva Mendes

Victoria Beckham

Whitney Port

While I love polka dots, I tend to stick with the black and white version of the print. I like the elegant and classy look it gives when paired with another simple item. That said, recently I have seen blue and gold polka dots that look great, and red and white is another favourite on fashion blogs. My little rule? Try to keep it to one piece per outfit or you run the risk of looking like an extra off a kids magic show…

Jennifer Connelly

Nicole Richie

Rachel Bilson

How I will wear my polka dots this week: Meeting up with the girls for after work drinks later in the week so one outfit must do all hours! I’m going to wear a black leather skirt with a grey-with-black-dots pussy bow blouse, orange clutch bag and my trusty shoe boots.

Lauren Conrad

Alexa Chung

Olivia Palermo

If you are in the buying mood: Check out this adorable pink pussy bow blouse with black polka dot print from Awear! Perfect for work, Sunday brunch or dancing the night away… It comes in cream & black too – you’ll get years out of it!


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