If you wear one thing this week… #10

make it a cropped top! After last weeks hiatus I figured I might as well come back with a bang for this weeks piece, and what better way to strike the fear of god into Irish gals than the mention of crop tops! Well, actually, this is what I would have thought in the past but it seems us Irish chicas are embracing the crop top in all its glory this Summer, because not only are they to the fore in every shop I’ve been in recently, but even ladies in my little hometown in the West are rocking the look! I spotted two today on my way to the pool, worn in completely different ways…

Despite what you may want to believe, crop tops are not just for the skinny minx with the washboard abs! Because I am definitely not that girl 😀 Instead, style the crop top to suit your body. I see lots of girls wearing floral crop tops over plain-coloured body suits, or expose just a tiny amount of your stomach by wearing one with high waisted skirts or trousers. I like the idea of getting an old tee and chopping it up to a length I’m comfortable with, leaving the back longer (or shorter!) – this probably works best with a oversized tee á la Alessandra Ambrosio (further down this post). But whatever you do, don’t wear a pretty crop top with something that’s too tight for you – not a good look for anyone…

How I will wear my crop top this week: Lets be honest – I’m pretty much confined to my sick bed this week so I wont exactly have any opportunity to wear much unless its of the lounging type! But my sis was heading out last night and wore a great look so I’m using her as inspiration. She wore a sheer white chiffon crop top (with little black flower embellishments) from New Look over a black body-con mini-dress, patent black skyscraper pumps and a very oversized leather bag. She looked terrific!

If you are in the buying mood: I love this cute ‘Love Music’ crop tee from Topshop! Throw a blazer over it and away you go…


5 thoughts on “If you wear one thing this week… #10

  1. oooh, this is a dangerous one. Crop top with something high waisted = success. Crop top with low cut jeans = a bit dodge. Don’t think I’m brave enough for this one.
    Hope you feel better.

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