A belated comment on Couture Fashion Week, Paris

After the couture shows in Paris last week, a lot of the comment has been around whether or not couture is over. In recent time, when money has been less plentiful for the majority, is it realistic to think that gowns that cost well over the average wage are accessible to the average fashion lover? Or is the reality that people still love to look at couture but few will be able to actually afford it. Perhaps these are the thoughts that occupied the designers this year, as all the shows seemed scaled back, less opulent and not as extravagant as previous years.

However, for me the couture shows are a great indication of trends and looks that will be copied in the ready-to-wear collections for the upcoming seasons. This years haute couture shows had many trends that are easily copied, such as the use of colours, a 3-D effect or look, light and mobile fabrics, gold and extreme shoulders. Some of my favourite looks from the week are included here.





Jean Paul Gaultier

Elie Saab

Stephane Rolland


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