Breakfast at Tiffany’s – in Dublin…

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring the stunning Audrey Hepburn, is one of my favourite movies ever. I love everything about it – the storyline, the style, the acting, the location, the romance! If, like me, you cant help but smile at Holly Golightly, then don’t miss this opportunity to catch the classic movie on the big screen in Dublin! As part of Screen Cinema’s ‘Play it again, Sam‘ classic film programme, Breakfast at Tiffany’s will run there from tomorrow until July 22nd. If you want to know more about a very special gala screening, read more after the jump….

Screen Cinema Dublin will host a special red carpet gala screening of Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Saturday 17th July at 8.30pm. But this is not any normal ‘red carpet’ event! Everyone attending the event is invited to dress up in their best outfits that represent Holly and the movie, and after walking the red carpet, will be treated to a welcome reception. And if you think your makeup isn’t up to scratch – fear not! A makeup booth will be on location to make sure all the ladies are looking just beautiful! If that isn’t enough excitement for one night, a 1960’s after-party in Shebeen Chic will follow the screening.  So, what you waiting for? Tickets can be purchased here.


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