Glastonbury 2010: famous fashion

Did everyone catch Glastonbury on TV over the weekend? If not, where were you?! It was literally on everytime I stuck on BBC. I wasn’t complaining though – I love the idea of festivals being covered on TV so you can feel like you were still a part of it even if you weren’t there. On that note, why don’t RTE cover Oxegen or Electric Picnic? I’ll stop rambling now, and get to the fashion part. Well I was underwhelmed to be honest. Too much of the usual (those photos of Kate Moss could have been from 6 years ago), not enough individuality, not anything near as good as Coachella, and not a whole pile that I won’t see at EP. Its Glasto! Its supposed to be an experience like no other!! Jameela Jamil gets my vote for looking picture perfect. See more after the jump…

Jameela Jamil I love your wedges!

Alexa Chung – those 3 strap flats are divine…

Looking cool in Lacoste (well she is the face of Lacoste atm!)

Pixie Geldof sticks to her grunge roots

Florence Welch looking divine in white D&G

She’s come a long way – Emma Watson – I love this look!

Kate Moss looking like she does every year – but I LOVE the parka

If I had legs as good as Sienna Miller I’d show them off too 😀

Corinne Bailey Rae in a cute playsuit

Kate Hudson looks pretty ‘meh’ but I like the sandals!

Laura Whitmore is effortlessly chic


9 thoughts on “Glastonbury 2010: famous fashion

  1. I really don’t get Pixie Geldoff…don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of grunge but I think she looks terrible here!

    Alexa wins my vote as per usual. That girl is goddam infallible when it comes to her fashion choices….

    Rosa xoxo

  2. Never been a fan of Pixie Geldof’s style, I know she’s considered to be very fasion forward but I just think a lot of the time she looks a bit sloppy and, well, trampy. I do love love love Alexa Chung and Florence Welch’s style though.

    About RTE not showing Oxegen or EP coverage, I’m pretty sure that’s solely because it’s RTE. Takes them a good few years to catch up with things, eh?

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