What I got up to on holidays…

Finally I am getting to writing about my breaks in Spain and London! Since I have gotten back I have been hectic with work and living so I didn’t even have time to think about what fun I had and how much I enjoyed being away for a while. So if you want to know more about what I got up to in Spain or England, read on!

Primavera Music Festival was my first trip away of this year and by then I really needed the break. The best thing about Barcelona (where the festival was) is that you get a holiday with everything thrown in there – its a city, with a great beach, cheaper drink, amazing food and loads to see and do. I have been to Barcelona a number of times now but it’s one city I could go back to again and again and again. Besides going to the festival, which I will come to in a minute, we just enjoyed the city by walking about, eating & drinking, and hanging out at the beach in the glorious sunshine. We decided to keep the touristy stuff to a minimum this time but spent a day up in Montjuic. If you have never been to the mountain area overlooking the port in Barcelona, you have to go! The panoramic views of the city are stunning and you can get a cable car up and back so it’s not as much of a trek as you might fear…

The castle on the top of the mountain dates from the 17th century and also served as a prison in the 19th century. There were even executions here during the 20th century. There is a lovely museum inside the walls or you can just walk about and get a feel for its history. The organisers of Primavera even held a party in the grounds during the week of the festival and I can’t imagine a more stunning venue for banging tunes and heavy beats under a starry sky! Montjuic is also home to several of the venues used in the 1992 Olympics and these are worth a visit if you come from a country who until recently didn’t have an Olympic sized swimming pool 🙂 Take a stroll through Joan Miro parc also, a famous artist & sculptor from the region, and check out all the fashionable kids playing in their fancy schools nearby.

I had rattled on about Primavera for long enough on this blog, that when I finally got there, I realised I wasn’t even prepared! I had a rough idea of which bands I wanted to see but as is always the case, I didn’t plan it very logically. Overall I got to see 90% of the acts I swore to go to, and I happened upon a number of acts I had never heard of that I now love! Besides the music, my highlights and lowlights are below…..


  • The weather! Being able to wear little dresses, flip-flops and cardigans and maybe a scarf was perfect. No need for hats, jackets or wellies
  • The crowd. A mix of Spanish (50%), Irish or from the UK (35%), Americans (5%) and other Europeans (10%) meant lots of new friends and experiences. There was a nice age profile mix and people of all music tastes. I didn’t see one fight or one person lying in a pool of their own vomit.
  • The security. How nice to was to go to a festival and feel welcome as opposed to being treated like a troublemaker! The security, and there wasn’t even that many of them, were all smiles, helpful and efficient.
  • The metro. Loved being able to walk out of the festival and hop on the metro home – no taxis, no queuing, no freezing cold and wet, just bliss…


  • The Spanish need to learn how to serve a bar full of people! They are so freaking slow and only take one order at a time!!!

Musically, I loved The XX, Broken Social Scene, Sleigh Bells, Delorean and Moderat on the 1st night. The next night my highlight was a toss up between The Bloody Beetroots and Les Savy Fav who both pulled off unreal stage shows. However, Spoon, Beach House, Pixies, Yeasayer, Major Lazer and Diplo also rocked! On the final night, even in my exhausted state I managed to see The Drums, Liquid Liquid, and The Field – but Florence & The Machine, Pet Shop Boys and Orbital won my ‘awesome acts of the night’ awards. We left about 5 in the morn and hopped on the Metro and fell into bed. However we didn’t really get to sleep all that much as we had to be up and out and on the road to Calpe a mere 6 hours later – and that 5 hour drive in the 30 degree heat was painful! Two days by the pool made it all worthwhile though 😀

Then last weekend I went to London for a long weekend. I have also been to London on numerous occasions but always love a trip back. I don’t think I could live in London but I love it all the same. It was an action-packed trip with a bit of everything thrown in – some drinking, some eating, some touristy stuff, an exhibition, lots of people watching, market shopping, chatting, city shopping and music! Basically, my favourite type of weekend 🙂


  • The Maison Martin Margiela exhibition in Sommerset House (I’ll do a separate post on this next week)
  • The curry in Borough Market and the Jerk Chicken at the Sunday Up Market
  • The fishbowl cocktails in Casa Blue – actually everything about Casa Blue!
  • My amazing vintage tan leather clutch from Absolute Vintage
  • Sterling vs Euro rate in most shops…


  • The underground – horrid
  • My hangover on Monday

Next up, Mayo this weekend ;-D


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