If you wear one thing this week… #6

…make it a turban! Now don’t freak out – this item of clothing is far cooler than you may think, and far more versatile than first glance might suggest! Turbans have been around in modern fashionable circles mainly since Prada flooded the catwalk with them in 2007, but they seem to have had a major comeback in 2010. While in Barcelona and London earlier this year I spotted more turbans than in the Sex & The City 2 closet 🙂

The turban is a great item to jazz up a quiet outfit – or to add to an already edgy look. It can be worn on a casual Saturday walking around markets (like I spotted several people in London) or as part of a festival outfit (like at Primavera in Barcelona) making it not only stylish, but  practical as it saves your hair from rain! Or why not wear it as part of your Friday night drinks look! And if you don’t think you are bold enough to rock a full-on turban, why not go turban-lite and wear a turband, a mix of turban and headband, as shown below…

A lot of the blogs I follow have done great styling and looks with turbans recently and are great if you are looking for inspiration. I really love how Krystal from This Time Tomorrow has worked hers in 3 different looks recently – I’m definitely going to try out one of these shown here!

How I will wear my turban this week: Heading back West this weekend and hoping for lots more sunshine! On Sunday I’ll get to walk the beach before having lunch in a little cafe overlooking the sea. I’m going to wear my blue floral turban (from a Spanish market) with my big sunglasses, a loose plain white tee with the sleeves rolled up, my cropped trousers and flip-flops.

If you are in the buying mood: Check out Gold Saturn (who designed the turban worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the new Sex & the City movie) who have the cutest turbands. I love this Daisy Daze one in particular!


8 thoughts on “If you wear one thing this week… #6

  1. Oh I could never pull one of them off. I never wear hats or hairbands so this would be very far out of my comfort zone. Although for Oxegen..maybe!

  2. LSMMTUAFIMC-Laughing-so-much-my-turban-unravels-and-falls-in-my-curry

    I don’t think anyone could wear a turban without being subjected to endless facebook turban jokes! Well, apart from SJP that is! 🙂

  3. Wouldn’t this type of thing been very trendy in the 30s or 50s? I am thinking long cigarrette-y type thing and this sort of hat, no?

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