Nylon’s Young Hollywood: Bonnie Wright

I love Nylon Mag’s Young Hollywood edition every year because it’s diverse and edgy and usually right. This year was no exception naming the likes of Ashley Greene, Emma Stone, and Bonnie Wright. I love this little video they did with Bonnie talking about her favourite pub in London:

Bar the fact that Bonnie is a very naturally beautiful girl, she’s also clearly independent and not keen to tie into any norms. After all, the girl is only 19 and is already engaged to fellow actor Jamie Campbell Bower! I have always found her to be one of the more talented actors in the Harry Potter franchise and predict that once that wraps up, this girl will go a long way.

She is playful when it comes to her fashion choices, and isn’t afraid to experiment. Her style seems to be mainly relaxed and casual, and with a love of designer shoes thrown in for good measure. What I love most about her look is that she uses colour to her advantage and chooses shades that make her fiery mane look even more impressive!

On her boyf: “It’s nice dating another actor. With our job, there are so many things that don’t make sense to other people. It’s nice not having to explain everything. And our passion inspires each other to want to work.”

On her obsessions: “I’m obsessed with tea, but it has to be made in a tea pot. I just got a new one for my birthday to add to the collection.”

On life: “I’m not really a free-time person. I start freaking out. So I’m currently at the London College of Communication, doing a film course. It’s so nice to be surround by people who have such a passion for film. Emma Watson’s at university, too, so it’s been great sharing experiences with her.”


5 thoughts on “Nylon’s Young Hollywood: Bonnie Wright

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  2. es una chica muy linda mejor dicho hermosa y como dice metrochica no puedo esperar a ver lo que hace después el como se desempeñara en un futuro nuevas cosas para ella aguardan y sera genial el verla como lo hace y es muy afortunado su prometido la verdad

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