Awards are like buses….

…. well this week they seem to be anyhow! Yes its been award ceremony after ceremony this week! As I’ve already covered the MTV Movie Awards, this post is dedicated to fashion at the TV BAFTA Awards, the CDFA Fashion Awards and the Glamour Awards. Enjoy!

SJP in Alexander McQueen

I’ll start with the CDFA Fashion Awards held in New York where Hollywood stars stepped out with their designer friends. SJP looked stunning in her Alexander McQueen gown and apparently gave a very emotional speech about the former designer. Jessica Biel managed to pull off a difficult print in her DvF gown (and I still can’t get over her glossy hair!) which really suited her skintone. I loved Alexis Bledel‘s short Behnaz Sarafpour dress in a sea of full length gowns, and it worked for the young star. To see Dakota Fanning all grown up is still weird for me, but I thought her Marchesa dress was a great choice – playful and innocent.

Jessica Biel in DvF

Alexis Bledel in Behnaz Sarafpour

Dakota Fanning in Marchesa

Last night in London all the lovely ladies turned out for the Glamour Awards, where Cheryl Cole walked away with the award for Woman of the Year. Now I know most people are raving about her dress and how beautiful she looked but I have to say I just wasn’t blown away. I liked it, yes, but I’ve seen her look better. I didn’t like her hair and I thought she looked particularly skinny. I thought Zoe Saldana pulled off her Vionnet dress with her usual confidence – this girl rarely puts a foot wrong as far as I’m concerned. I loved the colour of Fearne Cotton‘s Roland Klein floaty dress, and thought Naomie Harris looked edgy-yet-elegant in her black and gold embellished number. Kudos to Abigail Clancy and Karen Gillan for working their own unique styles on the red carpert.

Cheryl Cole in Julien MacDonald

Zoe Saldana in Vionnet

Fearne Cotton in Roland Klein

Naomie Harris

Abigail Clancy

Karen Gillan in Kate Halfpenny

Finally, the TV BAFTA‘s took place at the weekend. The style was mainly woeful and cheap looking and I really found it difficult to find an outfit I wanted to mention. But then I spotted Kara Tointon in her Grecian style Donna Karan gown and I loved it! It’s a style she has worn before to these events and it really suits her. The white is beautiful on her and her figure pulls it off to perfection. Impressed!

Kara Tointon in Donna Karan


7 thoughts on “Awards are like buses….

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker has had a flawless awards season, each look has been impossibly perfect,and that McQueen dress is WOW. Also, Abigail Clancy might just be the hottest woman in existence. She looks her best when she’s not all wag-tastic, like in that navy beauty.
    PS. Cheryl Cole may be Woman of the Year, but she is too thin. It’s getting scary. Great post 🙂

  2. I agree with you and Anna, Cheryl is getting really think again. She looks much better with a bit of weight! I love Fearne’s dress, the colour is great with her new hair!

    • Is Fearne’s hair new? I hadn’t noticed but yes, its a cool colour! Cheryl needs to eat a couple of galaxy bars before she wastes away – I’ll lend her some of mine… 😉

  3. Woman of the Year? Ah enough already!
    Fearne Cotton looks gorgeous. And Kara can definitely work a red carpet! I agree with you it is weird seeing Dakota Fanning all grown up!

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