If you wear one thing this week… #3

… make it red lips! OK so its not technically clothes but I honestly believe that a striking pair of red lips can change your whole look in an instant. If there is one surefire way to up your sexiness, what better way than to do so than with a slick of vibrant, confident red on your lips? Also, contrary to what you might think, red lipstick suits everyone – blonds, brunettes, pale skin, olive skin, shy girls, preppy girls and party girls!

Georgia Jagger & her trademark red lips

Georgia Jagger

Red lips have been likened to the stiletto – a guaranteed way to get attention. There is something about those defined, bright, healthy colored lips that make sure people are drawn to look at you. On those days when I can’t get my makeup right I usually go with a red lip instead and feel instantly better. There’s something about red – whether on your lips or in your clothes – that is a complete confidence booster! I would suggest that every girl has a red lippie in her makeup bag.

Taylor Momsen

Megan Fox

Kim Kardashian

How I will wear my red lips this week: I’m in Barcelona this week at the Primavera music festival and made sure my MAC ruby woo lipstick was in my luggage! Festival makeup can be notoriously difficult to perfect, especially in a hot climate – you need a look that looks barely there in the day, sexy for night and wont run away off your face amidst the heat, dancing and boozing. That’s why I think statement red lips are the perfect festival makeup item: hassle free, fierce and sexy. My red lips will compliment every outfit I wear!

Mary-Kate Olsen

Gwen Stefani

Georgia Jagger

If you are in the buying mood: There are so many types, shades, and brands of red lipstick out there, it can be difficult to pick just one! I would suggest you either go to a makeup counter and ask advice off one of the makeup artists, or if you go to a drug store then take a friend and ask for their advice. If you wanna bite the bullet and know you want that hillbilly, quiff-rockin’, sexy girl look then I suggest you buy MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick in matte, and go strut your stuff! 🙂


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