Holiday! Celebrate!

Yes folks, finally on my 3rd attempt, I will be getting off on holidays tomorrow morn! VERY EXCITED! So all will be quiet on the blog front until I’m back Wednesday week – but I have scheduled my weekly ‘This week I mostly loved…‘ and ‘If you wear one thing this week…’ so you will have something to read in my absence 🙂 I’m very dedicated ya know!

I’m flying out to Barcelona tomorrow for Primavera Sound 2010 festival until Sunday – its shaping up to be the best festival in Europe this year from what I can see, and there seems to be a strong Irish contingent going along. I love Barcelona anyhow so plan to get a day or two prior to the festival to enjoy the sights and sounds (and food and drinks!). Then I’m off down South for a couple of days R&R and to top up the tan.

I’ll do a blog post on my hols when I get back… Talk soon guys!


2 thoughts on “Holiday! Celebrate!

  1. Oh nice. I heard about the disasters that were your last attempts of bolting to better climes. Think of me while you are away!

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