Storm in a D-Cup

The past week in Ireland it was impossible to get away from one thing – that Hunky Dorys billboard campaign. Everyone had an opinion on it. Some loved it, some hated and really most just didn’t care either way. Personally I thought it was funny. It was certainly effective if its aim was to get people talking! And lets face it, isn’t that what all marketing is about???

To be honest I don’t see what the fuss is about. I thought we in Ireland had moved on significantly from a time when the infamous ‘Hello Boys‘ WonderBra campaign was deemed offensive. I mean, I’m pretty sure most of us have seen more cleavage on a regular Saturday night out in town. And when I see campaigns with David Beckham with his top off I generally think ‘OMG HOT’ as opposed to ‘OMG how insulting to men everywhere’. How is this any different to those ads?

Did anything about the ad annoy me? Actually yes – the fact that all the models are foreign! Do we not have Irish girls with the right attributes that could have been used? Georgia Salpa certainly has the goods!

To finish off here, ‘Are you looking at my crisps?’ should not be offensive to women in this country in 2010. Maybe we should read it as ‘If you’re looking at my crisps and desiring them, then you probably won’t end up with a hot body like this…’ 🙂 Come on Ireland, lets stop being so easily offended and just see this ad for what it is – a clever piece of marketing that has gotten A LOT of media attention since its launch. And just for the record, I’m getting behind blue!

*If I ‘don’t stop talking about boobs and hot women on this site I have a feeling my traffic is going to start looking very different from what it has been!!!*


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