Kell on Earth

Recently I have started watching Kelly Cutrone’s reality show online. Kell on Earth is a must for anyone with an interest in PR, Fashion or the woman herself! Season 1 has just finished in the US, and consisted of 8 episodes, each about 45 minutes long.

Kell on Earth is a behind the scenes look at the world of fashion PR, set in the offices of Peoples Revolution in New York. Kelly Cutrone, who most people probably know as Whitney’s boss in MTV’s The City, gives us a no holds barred journey from New York to London, from work to her life as a single mom, from the shows to the parties.

As Season 1 was shown on Bravo in the US, I find it really difficult to get links online to the shows – but they are there (and I would post them but that would be bold….) so keep looking! In the meantime here’s a clip from YouTube:


2 thoughts on “Kell on Earth

  1. Love love LOVE the Kelly Cutrone book! Such a gem of a thing, and I really didn’t think I’d like it. Not exactly my regular reading. Thanks chick! x

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