One to watch: Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell is one hell of a singer/songwriter. Thankfully she didn’t win Australian Idol the year she entered – she came 6th in 2006 – or we might not have heard her real talent. At 20 years of age, she has already gained a steady following in Australia and is now getting attention on this side of the world also. I came across Lisa Mitchell last year though an Aussie mate of mine who loved her music, and I had to find out more.

With a sound that goes from folk to rock, Mitchell has already released 2 EP’s to much acclaim, with her debut ‘Said one to the other’ bringing her to the attention of Sony in the UK. She spent much of 2008 recording her album ‘Wonder‘ in London, and getting back to her British roots (she moved from the UK to Oz when she was 3). She just won the Australian Music Prize and is starting a tour taking in some of the UK festivals this summer. Her music has featured in many adverts worldwide – you may have heard ‘Neopolitan Dreams’ featuring in that Surf Detergent ad with the big bed, and a PSP ad for LittleBigPlanet.

Listen out for the beautiful ‘Oh! Hark!‘ (at the start of this post) which is out now and watch this girls star rise…


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