The joys of Glee

Glee starts back in the US tonight and amazingly, its back on TV3 tomorrow night! I have to admit, Glee was a slow burner for me but by the end of season 1 I was hooked. Though I still cringe at the performance parts, I love the witty dialogue and the subjects it touches on. Anyhow, if you don’t want to know whats coming up this season STOP READING! 🙂

Rachael is going to get a new love interest – who just happens to be the lead singer of rival Glee team, Vocal Adrenaline!

Finn is still going to be dealing with Rachael’s affections, as well as Kurt’s…

Mr Schuester is getting divorced and therefore will be single for the first time since he was 15. But he’s got Emma to help him along…

Quinn will give birth before the end of this season. She’s being seen differently this season after the fallout of last season, and will have to deal with all the emotions this brings.

Puck is going to be romancing lots of ladies, including Rachael – and Mercedes!!!!

Sue Sylvester’s season is going to focus more on her backstory and her relationship with her sister. The possible highlight of the season will be her rendition of Madonna’s Vogue!

Kurt will be dealing with his feelings towards Finn. This is going to be made more difficult due to the fact that Kurt’s dad is going to start dating Finn’s mother?!

Mercedes is going to be this seasons inspiring character – as well as becoming an unlikely friend for Quinn and romancer of Puck!

Terri will stick around and end the season with a big story…

*Enjoy guys! – TV3 Wednesday at 8pm*


2 thoughts on “The joys of Glee

  1. I just realised when I got off the phone to you that I don’t have TV3 anymore and it’s not starting back on E4 til next Monday 😦 So you’re just going to have to keep your mouth shut about it when I see you tomorrow-eeeeeep!

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