Trailer: MTV’s The Hills final season

I know I already blogged about the final season of The Hills here, but after seeing the following trailer I had to mention it again!

This trailer is excellent. I love the way it starts with all the memories – I literally knew all the words of each scene off by heart! And then the preview clips of this season were just enough to get people talking. Are Spencer & Heidi divorcing? Doubtful seeing as they were spotted at this at the weekend together… Does Kristen have a drug problem? Em most likely not seeing as it has been widely circulated that this was a story cooked up for drama… Will Heidi be able to move her face a bit more than in the scene with her mum? Yes, she’s loosened up a bit by now! Will Audrina finally get over Justin Bobby? Hopefully, cos that story has gone on far too long… Who is the new chick that Brody seems to be interested in and how unfair is it that she is stunning?! Well its not Avril Lavigne whom he’s dating right now… But the big question – will LC return for a final farewell? Who knows….!


3 thoughts on “Trailer: MTV’s The Hills final season

  1. Ok, difficult as this may be to believe but I haven’t seen a single episode of The Hills or The City since I left Ireland. WTF is up with Heidi’s FACE?! It’s…terrifying.

    • Well you haven’t missed anything then as it hasn’t been on since… I know, that clip where she is crying actually made me turn away – I was scared I would have nightmares!!!

  2. Oh the excitment! Actually can’t wait to watch it! what has Heidi done to herself??!! was that a clip of them in the jungle together?? that was hilarious…spencer loses the plot and Heidi with her dry shampoo!!! Its going to be a good one!

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